Birthday Parites



Birthday Parties
the Swim Center at Westminster School!


What better place to hold a January birthday party than our “tropical waters”? The swirling snow on the other side of the glass will enhance the “back to summer” experience.
Birthday parties (and other group swimming events) with up to 15 swimmers can be scheduled during almost any of our scheduled hours of operation. Larger groups can also be accommodated but in most cases will need to be scheduled before (Sunday mornings until 1 PM) or after our scheduled hours.


In most cases, one hour in the pool will be optimal. If you would like some help in keeping your partygoers entertained, we can provide a “Party Leader” to help out. Party Leaders are available in 30 minute increments. Typically, the party would start with 15 minutes of “free swim” as the swimmers get acclimated to the pool. The Party Leader would take over for the next 30 minutes with water games and activities, and the swimmers would “wind down” during the final 15 minutes. You can also lead your own party – Party Leaders are optional.


When scheduling a birthday party, be sure to keep in mind the need for solid swimming skills. The pool is more than four feet deep throughout. Even when close to the shallow end’s wall, that will put the water at neck level or above for most children. Flotation devices are allowed only when used one-on-one with an adult supervising. We will have a lifeguard on duty, but they are your backup only. Be sure to bring enough adult supervision to ensure the safety of your swimmers.


What to bring? Swimmers will need to bring swim suits and towels. If they wish to lock their belongings in their locker, they should bring a padlock. Anyone with hair longer than 3 inches long is required to wear a swim cap. (Inexpensive caps are on sale in the lobby. They make a good “party favor” if most of the children will be needing caps.)


Be sure to take a look at our pool rules. Note the shower-before-swim requirement. This is a state law and also essential in maintaining our incredibly clear water. You will also want to provide supervision in the locker room. The “party atmosphere” sometimes needs to be tempered with a little adult supervision.


Birthday Party Rates
(Fees apply to each swimmer, including adult supervision)
“Member Rates” apply if the person holding the party is a Swim Center member. Otherwise, that person will need to have a “Program Pass” and will be charged the “Program Pass” rate.


Preregistered Swimmers: Member rate $4.50 per person per hour; Program Pass $5.50 per person per hour


Additional swimmers per person added on day of event: $6/hour Members; $7/hour Program Pass


Party Leader (per 30 minutes): $29 Members; $39 Program Pass