The Facilites




The Swim Center is located within Westminster School's new Athletic Complex which also houses the school's Fitness Center and Health Center. While use of the Fitness Center and Health Center is restricted to Westminster students and staff only, the school has generously chosen to share the pool with the surrounding community.


The pool has eight 25-yard lanes ranging in depth from 4 feet to 12 feet under the dual one-meter diving boards. Four locker rooms (two for each gender) allow swimmers plenty of space while changing.


Temperature and air quality are critical. The facility's powerful HVAC system will enables us to hold the water temperature at 81 year round with comfortable humidity levels controlled by continuously bringing in fresh air after recovering the heat (or “cool” during the summer) from the air leaving the pool area.


Flexible scheduling allows you to swim on your schedule. Except during winter season high school swim practices, you should be able to find a lane to swim (or relax) in during any of the 85 hours per week that the pool is open.