Swim Center @ Westminster School



1.) REFUND POLICY: Class fees will be refunded only if you cancel more than five days prior to the start of the class, or in the case of low or over-enrollment.
2.) MAKE-UP POLICY: Every effort should be made to attend each class, since no make-up or substitute classes are available.


Swim Lesson Prices
3.) Each group session includes six lessons.   Price: $59 Members; $69 Program Pass
   (Springboard diving classes have six 45-min. lessons: $79 Members;     $89 Program Pass)
4.) A Program Pass is valid for one year. Fees are non-refundable.
5.) Payment is due in advance for class registration. Credit card payments accepted over phone or by e-mail to SwimCenter@westminster-school.org

Space is limited - Call (860) 408-3021 or e-mail now to register

Swimming and Diving Class Descriptions
SCW's "in-house" programs have been developed to best meet our members' varying needs. Red Cross courses follow the Red Cross progression and certificates are awarded upon completion of the required skills at each level.   Our professional, well trained staff is on hand to ensure safety at all times.   Our goal is to create a friendly, healthy environment in which students can enjoy learning how to swim.

RED CROSS CLASSES (Age requirement 5 or older)

LEVEL I--“Introduction to Water Skills”  This class starts at the very beginning for children who are at least 5 years old. All the basic skills are covered: supported floats, kicking, blowing bubbles, putting face and head under water, “reaching and pulling”, and assists.
Prerequisite: 5 years old.

LEVEL II--“Introduction to Water Skills”  Continued work on the basic crawl and backstroke without support: floating, kicking, bobbing, and an introduction to rescue skills. Prerequisite: Students should be comfortable putting their head fully under water with blowing bubbles and floating on back and front with support.

LEVEL III--“Fundamental Aquatic Skills” The crawl and backstroke are emphasized. Arm action and kick for 15 yards, kneeling dives, introduction to elementary backstroke and butterfly, treading water, and safety skills. Prerequisites: Front and Back floats; Beginner stroke (5 yds.), and swim on back (5 yds.) deep water exploration.

LEVEL IV--“Stroke Improvement”  Includes refinement of both crawl strokes and elementary backstroke; Introduction to new strokes: breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly kick. Prerequisites: crawl stroke with face in water (15 yds.), float or tread for 30 seconds, backstroke (15 yds.)

LEVEL V-- “Stroke Refinement”  Students continue to refine new strokes, front and back crawl, increase in distance; diving. Prerequisites: Crawl stroke (25 yds.) and backstroke (25 yds.); elementary backstroke (15 yds.), breaststroke (15 yds.). treading water (1 min.) and back float/ scull (1 min).

LEVEL VI--“Advanced Skills” Students will swim using all the strokes (front and back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke) with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Prerequisites: Crawl stroke (50 yds.), back crawl (50 yds.), Sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke (each 25 yds.), tread water (2 min.) and float/scull (2 min.) .

LIFEGUARD TRAINING  Red Cross’s standard training for all lifeguards. This course includes First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer training. Prerequisite: Age 15 and pass pre-course swim test. (Approx. 30 hr. course).

WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTOR  Students learn the basic skills required to teach the Red Cross classes (Level I-VI). Prerequisite: Age 16 by the last day of the course, hold a FIT certificate issued in the last year and pass a skills screening test. (Approx. 35 hr. course)



WATERBABIES 1/2 Parent & child class designed to acclimate the child to the water environment through use of equipment and appropriate safety skills. Fundamentals including stomach and back positions, kicking, and blowing bubbles are introduced. Age: 6 months – 3 yrs (WB 2 ages 2-3 yrs.).
PRE-BEGINNER I  A first-time group experience without parent. Work toward independent performance of the basic skills including body positions, kicking, reaching and pulling, submerging, and breath control. Prerequisite: Students must be able to take and follow directions.  Recommend age 3-4 yrs.

PRE-BEGINNER II  Continues to reinforce the basic skills but with little or no instructor assistance. Emphasis is placed on crawl stroke (including arm action and kick) and floats. Intro to rhythmic breathing and kneeling dives. Prerequisites: Students should be comfortable putting their head fully under water with blowing bubbles and floating on back and front with support.  Recommend age 3-4 yrs.

PRE-BEGINNER III  Reinforces basic skills and introduces new strokes. Designed for children with advanced swimming skills but too young to enter the Red Cross program. Prerequisite: must be able to swim under and above water, and float on back and front without support. Recommend age 3-4 yrs.

SPECIAL NEEDS:  For any child with special needs wanting to learn basic swimming skills. Prerequisites: None. Requirements: Adult accompaniment.


ADULT BEGINNER:  Designed for adults either uncomfortable around the water or with little or no experience in the water. A gradual, individual pace emphasizes comfort & safety while learning floats and independent swimming

ADULT INTERMEDIATE:  For adults who are able to swim but want to swim “better.” This course expands upon basic concepts and develops proper stroke technique for front crawl as well as other strokes.

U. S. MASTERS SWIMMING  US Masters is an international organization for adult competitive swimming. Coached workouts offered at varying times, please see separate flyer for days & times. Competition is not required. Ages 19 and up.



BEGINNING DIVING: Students work on the five compulsory dives: front, back, front with half-twist, inward, and reverse. Prerequisite: Level IV swimming skill level. Age 8 to adult.